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Real Estate and Land Use

The firm's practice includes significant real estate and land use matters, as well as property valuation and taxation.  Among the matters handled for its clients are purchase and financing of commercial and industrial property, office, retail and industrial leasing for landlords and tenants and development of all kinds of real property.  Zoning, wetlands regulation, environmental issues, traffic planning and other land use issues are factors in many of the matters handled, and the firm regularly deals with those issues.

We assist our clients in structuring their real estate transactions in order to maximize tax benefits and to achieve various other tax and regulatory objectives. In this effort, we combine our real estate practice expertise with that of our tax attorneys to develop effective strategies.

Our real estate practice has also handled a wide range of matters including foreclosure, enforcement of contractual obligations, notes, guaranties, letters of credit and other matters arising out of troubled properties, construction and design defects, criminal and civil environmental disputes, brokerage-related disputes, bankruptcy matters, real estate tax litigation, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

The firm represents lenders in commercial transactions and in litigation.  In the workout area, the firm's experience in bankruptcy, litigation, real estate and other areas and its real-life approach to problems enable it to protect the interest of lenders in the most practical way possible under unfortunate circumstances.


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